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It is perhaps fitting that the inaugural blog for this website comes off the back of the famed boxing day and new year sales that grip the nation each year.  These sales are impeccably timed to tempt you to stretch your purse strings that little bit further when they are already near breaking point.

I could not resist sharing a shopping victory with the masses (or the internet ether – depending on how many people read this).

There are times in life when the fashion karma train rolls into town. These are days for celebration and capitalization. Such was the case at DFO South Warf not but a week ago.

Amongst the many purchases were these Witchery beauties.

They had caught my eye months ago when they were first released, but I couldn’t justify the price for a trend that I wasn’t at that stage ready to commit to.

Let me say, I was wrong. The holiday season has left me devoid of funds but garnered me the company of these shoes, in addition to two further acquisitions of a flat brogue-ish nature. Future posts will no doubt feature my new #manstyle shoes fetish.

These were the steal at $29.95. Oh the sweet sweet victory.