H & M selections
It’s all about having a game plan when you try to conquer the almighty H & M. Here a few sneaky tips to ensure not just survival, but sartorial success…

1. If possible, go when it is quieter.

First thing in the morning is best.

The racks will have been restocked and you will have more of chance of a) seeing what is on offer and b) finding your size, as opposed to later in the day when it looks like a tornado has gone through the place and the staff are desperately pawing at racks and racks of clothes to try and magic you up your size in a particular pair of pants.

This time of day also helps alleviate the risk of ‘people crush’ and the associated affliction of what I call ‘copycat shopping.’ For the uninitiated, copycat shopping is the phenomenon where you see someone, usually thin of frame and long of limb, holding up a piece of clothing that you know in your heart of hearts will look simply vile on you. Yet your brain, oxygen deprived and overheated, does not compute and you find yourself buying yet another foul coral top…#JUSTSAYNO.

2. Have a game plan.

I have heard the full gamut of arguments about what to buy from chain stores such as H+M. Some argue that you should target only ‘trend’ pieces, whilst others suggest only buying ‘classic’ pieces.

I occupy the middle ground; I look for ‘classics with a twist.’

I generally avoid prints unless they are spectacular and look for pieces, usually in classic colours (read: mostly black) with a point of difference. Also I tend to try slightly riskier pieces that I otherwise wouldn’t go near… #SPIRITOFADVENTURE.

3. When in doubt, buy it.

…Even if you are just thinking about it.

These stores have a large quantity of stock, weekly new releases and cavernous spaces to fill. The item will be nigh untraceable the next time you go back.

They have 30 day refund policies for a reason…