Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”

Coco Chanel

It seems odd to start off a post blog with a distinctly non-fashion topic, but I couldn’t resist sharing some fabulous pictures and life musings with you all! My cousin is an amazing photographer and has just returned from roaming around the world to wherever his work and desires took him. He has been to some places I have never even heard of (Kyrgyzstan anyone?!) and places I would never dream of going (Afghanistan and Iran). These places transform in his photos and he seems to be able to capture beauty and humanity in even the most desolate places.




During his travels he posted photos of ‘assorted items’ from his pack, which was kept quite light out of necessity.

The three nominated items of importance were a well worn pair of jeans, which apparently where his only pair for at least seven months and had been shortened with a Swiss army knife to the point where they are now considered more of a 7/8th length, a battered Ipad, whose rounded corners have been beaten to a square from multiple droppings, and three plastic bags which he uses to organise his pack.

Apparently his search for nice plastic bags became all consuming and he proudly noted that, of his current selection, one of the bags could hold up to 15 kilos and the other has a faux ‘LV’ design which originated from Malaysia.Bejing Pants - 1 year old. only pair for at least 7 monthsipadPlastic bags

These assorted items got me thinking about what I keep on high rotation when I’m travelling. I have been lucky enough to travel often and broadly and I freely admit that I don’t necessarily pack for glamour; often the destinations usually require something more rugged.

These assorted items are always in my case are as follows:

  1. Zara jeans: purchased in Zurich during my first ever foray into a Zara store – needless to say the love affair with Zara has continued. Bought a size too big in a moment of panic they are perfectly stretchy yet skinny enough to tuck into boots, with room at the ankle so they can be worn cuffed. I loved them so much I bought the same pair in a size down on my next trip but somehow they aren’t quite the same. The artfully distressed patch on the thigh has now graduated to fully fledged hole… I just view this as extra ventilation. These bad boys have come away with me on every single holiday since purchase. No exceptions.
  2. C & A jacket: purchased in Munich for chips during a cold snap when I was woefully unprepared. With a detachable hood and pockets galore, this is the jacket I throw in the bottom of my suitcase just in case it rains, snows or is inexplicitly windy. Somehow it manages to be the right combination of wind and water proof but without being excessively bulky. Gold.
  3. SABA travel wallet: purchased back home after losing my passport in my handbag a good three or four times between check-in and security on one trip. I decided housing it in electric blue might cut out some of the panic and confusion. I have also tried the passport holder in the same colour, but what they don’t tell you when you are buying such a thing is that after struggling for a good 10 minutes to get your passport’s little jacket on, you then have to strip  it when clearing passport security. Apparently they don’t discriminate between a plastic jacket, my funky cover or Chanel. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t be bothered. Housing my passport, this traveller doubles as my wallet and as a clutch. And most importantly, I don’t lose it in my handbag.

Now if I am lucky enough to be travelling to New York or Paris I freely admit that these items don’t really cut the mustard in terms being a beacon of style, but isn’t that what the expandable suitcase and all those fabulous shops are for?

Without these items I don’t really feel like I’m ‘on holiday’ and able to experience all the amazing things in the world; fashion included. So my question to you all is – what would make your ‘assorted items’ list?

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