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Blue days

Blue days

Spring in your step…


So its Friday, meaning there is precisely one shopping evening left before the start of the spring racing carnival in Melbourne.

Now I know you’ve read a hundred times about what to wear, so I though instead I would drop some practical wisdom on you before you finalise your outfits for the four race meetings. For those who are still desperate for some ideas I’ve put together some last-minute outfit ideas, including some looks for less than $150 which leaves some spare change for a punt. If you like what you see click on the image; it will take you through to a landing page with links to every item.

Enjoy xx

Dress Codes: I’m all for pushing boundaries (think a tailored suit or an architectural dress) but remember that Flemington Racecourse is not a nightclub. Nobody wants to see what colour underwear you have on (and please for the love of…wear underwear). Head to toe sequins are also a touch too much. For those that have been living under a rock Derby Day is traditionally black and white, the Cup calls for a riot of colour, Oaks is ladies day and all about some soft touches and Stakes Day is family day which means a slightly more relaxed approach.

Shoes: Repeat after me…. You have not been employed by the MRC as a groundskeeper. There is no need to aerate their turf. Unless you have mastered the art of tipping in stilettos (whereby you walk with your weight on the balls of your feet) opt for a block heel. In the same vein, if you know your feet are not going to go the distance opt for a lower heel or a chic pair of flats. You don’t want to be that girl dying from blood loss from blisters the size of golf balls, stumbling around with her shoes in one hand.

Bag: Your significant other does not want to ruin the line of his suit by stuffing his

pockets with your phone, bandaids, lipstick and other makeup necessities. Take a clutch that will house all your crap; extra points if its has a shoulder or cross body strap.

Etiquette:  If you do decide to have a flutter know what you want before you get the bookie or the betting window. If you’re a novice go early and ask for help but be wary of leaving your run until right before the jump. I have seen people nearly mauled by punting stalwarts who missed putting their bet on because someone was faffing about. A pen and racebook are handy in this scenario (see above comments about the size of your bag). Your new motto is “get in, get on and get out of there!!”


Derby Day

Derby Day


Derby Day (budget)


Melbourne Cup


Melbourne Cup


Cup Day (budget)


Oaks Day


Oaks Day


Oaks Day (budget)


Stakes Day

Stakes Day


Stakes Day (budget)

Gold Rush

Gold Rush
Blush by Bobbi Brown, dress by Witchery, jacket by Sportsgirl, shoes by Tony Bianco and earrings by Zimmermann

Wishlist: Country Road

I love February. The sweltering Australian summer is still in full swing but the stores start dropping their new AW17 collections and I start fascinating about wearing coats in 30 degree weather…
First up are my selections from Country Road including this to-die-for blue coat and cute studded flats. Get in quick while the member spend and save discount is still available …
Wishlist: Country Road
All from Country Road

What I Wore: Australia Day Polo

A road trip down to Geelong to see the ponies sounded like a fabulous idea. The day was hot but thankfully overcast; unfortunately that meant I forfeited sunscreen on my back…
Needless to say I got hideously burnt and have spent the past few weeks looking like a Christmas ham from behind. It has only just started to fade….
Australia Day Polo
Dress by Zimmermann, Makeup from Witchery, Hat and Shoes from Kmart, Pouch by Givenchy 

BE YOU: Masterclass with Yanis Marshall


Continuing the adventures of the #Vicbbatical last month I attended a street jazz and heels masterclass with the one and only Yanis Marshall.

Whilst I was expecting sass, and I got plenty of it, what was unexpected was the words of advice offered to his students…

Be you…

There is a fine line between inspiration and imitation.

As I was sitting there; hot, sweaty and barely able to breathe from physical exertion, I realised how his wise words would translate into personal styling.

BE YOU…You can try and dress like your style inspiration but don’t cross the line into imitation. You have to learn what works for your body, because it is like no one else’s.  This will mean some trial and error but in the end you will find YOUR style and confidence.

The things you learn in dance class….Oh, and always remember to bevel your legs ladies!!!


What to wear: the Australian Open

It’s that time of year again. The annual pilgrimage to the hallowed turf (or in this case, the electrical blue synthetic surface) of Melbourne Park.

The style memo is for cool and casual pieces that read fuss free and comfortable.



Denim and white...Hat from Lack of Color, dress from Country Road, earrings from Sportsgirl and shoes from Trenery

Black and Blue...
Hat, top, shorts and shoes all from Decjuba, sunglasses and earrings from Sportsgirl

Tennis Club

Dress, shoes, bag and visor all from Zimmermann, earrings from Sportsgirl.

Heart of Darkness

Maticevski: Dark Wonderland

Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery

It took me a ridiculously long time to get to Toni Maticevski’s Dark Wonderland exhibition. It was the threat of missing out altogether that prompted me to swing into action on the final weekend, only to find out that it has now been extended for a few more months. Nevertheless; onward #vicbbatical.

Where we ate: we stopped off at the Malmsbury Bakery for the best monkey face biscuit I’ve had since I was 12 (I’m such a child). My travel companion had a much more adult apple friand which was equally sensational by all reports. We then continued to Bendigo proper and cruised about town taking in the beautiful historical buildings before sampling most of the small share plates at Masons of Bendigo.  We went too hard too early and sadly couldn’t squeeze in any dessert (that monkey face was worth it).

The gallery: the installation proper is breathtaking and the showstopper is the orchard room with floor to ceiling monochrome wallpaper. To quote one patron – she just wanted to strip naked and lie there. Whilst stripping wasn’t my first reaction I don’t disagree with her enthusiasm.

The Dark Wonderland exhibition has now been extended through to 15 January 2017 and at only $12 a ticket it is well worth the road trip.





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